Roasted Almond Soap

Irhoud Almond & Honey Soap – 11,99€

Using the finest organic ingredients, our Honey & Almond Soap is free of any Phthalates, Parabens, SLS, Propylene Glycol and Petro-Chemicals. Organic Golden Almonds, Essential Oils, Honey and Beeswax from treatment-free beehives.

Name Origin:

Located in Morocco, Jebel Irhoud is an archaeological site where 315,000 year old human skeletons were discovered.


Patu Mustard Seed Soap – 7,95€

Handcrafted Delicious Mustard seed soap for proper cleansing of your skin, leaving it dirt free and hydrated. Let the Mustard seeds exfoliate, drawing out impurities giving ultimate relief.

Name Origin:

Patu is a prehistoric village in Nepal where, around 7,000 years ago, a very rich culture of agriculturalists had its home. Mustard, rice, maize, millet, wheat, barley and buckwheat are just a few of their staple crops.

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